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3 Healthy Ways To Manage Stress During The Holidays



Despite the fun and good cheer, the holidays can sometimes be a stressful occasion. From last-minute gift shopping to travel delays to navigating complicated relationships with distant relatives, it's not uncommon that stress levels are higher at this time of year. 

To help manage stress this holiday season, try these simple tips for finding peace and relaxation. 


1. Get outside—daily

We're big advocates of getting outside to help reduce stress levels. Even in the winter, a morning walk and a bit of Vitamin D can work wonders for your stress levels. Throughout the holidays, try to take a few moments to get fresh air when you can, even if that means bundling up and braving the snowy conditions. We promise you'll feel better. 


2. Take naps—yes, really!

If there is one season you can get away with daily naps, it's during the holidays. As many of us are on vacation from work and school, now is the perfect time to kick back and get a few extra zzzs. More sleep means less stress, so get that 30-minute cat nap in. Read more about how to take the perfect nap here.


3. Use a mindfulness or breathing app

If you notice you're really stressed, try to calm down by using a mindfulness or breathing app (like Headspace). Deep belly breathing and a few moments of mindfulness can remind us to be present, slow down, and practice gratitude for all we have. Remember: You can only control yourself and how you respond to situations, regardless of how stressful they become. 


We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season! If you have tips for reducing stress during the holidays, we'd love to hear them! Share with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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