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4 Things You Can Do On Black Friday Instead of Shopping

It's no secret that, at Vukoo, we're big proponents of the #optoutside Black Friday movement. On a day when companies ramp up their marketing ads to push out products (that you may or may not need), we'd rather shut down our devices and head to the mountains. Even during COVID, when most shopping is done online, we're still planning to spend the majority of our day outside and in nature. 

Depending on where you live, opting outside will look different. For example, if you live in sunny California, the world is your oyster and November weather is hardly reason to stay indoors. If you're in the midwest, though, or on the east coast, or even in Colorado, it may take a bit more creativity and planning before going out on a hike. Wherever you are, just make sure you're prepared. 

That said, colder temps don't have to deter you from getting outside today. Many trails are open year-round and even going for a run at your local park is good for the body and soul. If you're still not sure how to opt outside this Black Friday, we've listed a few of our favorite outdoor activities below. Feel free to share your favorites, too, on Facebook or Instagram!


1. Go on a hike—or a nature walk

Call us Coloradans a bit obsessive about hiking. Snow or shine, you can catch us on the trails. Use today to explore nearby nature in your city. Take a nature walk, try a trail run, or simply go on your favorite hike with a family member or friend. 


2. Take a book to the park

If you like reading and the weather is warm enough to lounge outside, take your favorite book to the local park and enjoy the day outdoors. Grab a blanket and your favorite snacks to make a picnic out of it! 


3. Work on your winter garden

If you're a gardener or enjoy landscaping, this weekend is a great time to work on your winter garden. Experts say getting your hands in soil can help with mental health and winter blues. 


4. Take your bike for a spin

Whether you're an avid cyclist or just enjoy riding around town, today's a good a day as any to get on two wheels. Go with a friend to make the ride that much more enjoyable!


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