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4 Wellness Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice--or even if you skip it all and simply wait for New Year's day, you're likely feeling the holiday buzz in the air.

For some of us, these next few weeks are about winding down and relaxing. But for others, it can seem like a challenge to snag even a spare moment for rest.

With all that mind, here are four ways to nourish your body and ground yourself in wellness this holiday season: 


1. Skip the Sugar

Okay, maybe not all of it, but consider setting boundaries when it comes to sugar intake during the holiday season. With Grandma's cookies on the table, holiday donuts in the break room, and alcoholic beverages at seemingly every event (even Zoom ones!), it's essential to keep your consumption in check. Enjoy treats in moderation but stick mostly with whole foods packed with vitamins and nutrients, as well as hydrating beverages. Your mind and body will thank you.


2. Allocate Self-Care Days

Especially during the holidays, we can pack our schedule with fun (but exhausting) events. Even as we continue to navigate the pandemic, there are numerous online and in-person gatherings for us to attend. By the time the holidays are over, we need a month-long nap. 

Take care of your body and your emotional health this holiday season by allocating a few days or even hours for yourself. Spend this time resting, journaling, reading a good book, or going for a hike. Do what you love and take it slow. All the holiday festivities will be that much more enjoyable when you're feeling rested and grounded.


3. Spend Intentional Time With Loved Ones

While giving gifts and participating in activities with our loved ones is wonderful, it is also wonderful to spend intentional time in conversation--even if that's over a phone call or Zoom. 

This year, try to be extra intentional with your loved ones. Take a friend out for coffee or bring a sibling along for your afternoon walk. Spend time in conversation and get to know one another better. Reflect on the past year and catch up on recent happenings. This will ensure your holidays are filled with fun times and meaningful moments and relationships. 


4. Stretch and Sleep

The holidays are that time of year when it is difficult -- like really difficult -- to make it to the gym. With so much going on and the year coming to a close, most of us check out and prefer to spend our vacation days at home or in the company of friends. 

We think everything is good in moderation, so if you need a break from the gym for a week or two, by all means, take it. 

Don't use this period as an excuse though to neglect your body, though. Instead, replace your regular workout routine with a few minutes spent stretching. Pick up a foam roller and give your body a much-needed massage. Sleep in (and go to bed early), and take warm baths. Nourish and take care of your body while away from the gym so you can return feeling like your best self after the holidays. 


What do you do to stay healthy during the holidays? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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