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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit: 5 Reminders for Total Healthy Living

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can often be simplified to going to the gym and eating a whole foods diet. And while both of these things are true and important, they don’t necessarily equate to a well-rounded and healthy life. You can have the healthiest and most athletic physical body while indulging in unhealthy mental and spiritual practices.

At Vukoo, we are committed to encouraging more than just a healthy body, we believe strongly in cultivating a healthy mind and soul as well. That being said, here are a few reminders for total healthy living:


1. Maintain a consistent and sacred sleep schedule

In American culture, sleep is rarely talked about as a priority—we just have too muchto get done. While we know it’s important and often feel the obvious lacks of proper rest, we tend to place it on the back burner in hopes of checking off a few more boxes on our to-do list. We need to stop. Lack of sleep not only negatively impacts or bodies, but also our minds. Without a healthy amount of rest, we are often more irritable, less focused, and quick to burn out.

Even if it seems counter-cultural or you feel you won’t get everything done, go to bed at an hour that will allow you seven to nine hours of quality rest. Furthermore, invest in your mattress and bedding and commit yourself to bedtime rituals. Sleeping with an electric alarm clock rather than your phone, essential oil diffusers, and nighttime reading have all been shown to improve the quality of sleep.

2. Make Time for Community

When we get busy, it can be easy to forgo community and gatherings with friends. We get it; it’s easier to prep your own food, save money, fit in gym time, etc. when maintaining a strict schedule. But it’s important; community and strong relationships are crucial to our mental and spiritual health. Take time to cultivate deep friendships, spend time with your family, and be intentional with your significant other, even if it means cutting your workout short for the day.


3. Read Books

Joseph Addison once said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

Exercise your mind and feed your soul by setting out to read at least one book a month. If you feel overwhelmed by trying to find the time you can also listen to audio books on your daily commute or at the gym. Do your best to feed your mind through the numerous and profound works of literature available to us all.


4. Meditate, Pray, Journal

We all have a lot on our mind. We have hurts and joys, frustrations and achievements. Meditation, prayer, or journaling can all be very healing and therapeutic for the mind, as well as beneficial our souls. Carve out a few minutes a day to voice your thoughts and share your heart. For further encouragement and instruction, check out these meditation apps to begin.


5. Learn Something New

A proven method to exercising the mind, join a monthly workshop or activity in your community to learn something new. Whether it be a cooking course, art class, foreign language instruction, or dancing, learning new skills activates important areas of the brain. Your soul will benefit too.

What are some ways you practice healthy living outside of the gym and kitchen? Share with the Vukoo community on Facebook and Instagram!

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