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20-Minute, At Home Kettlebell Workout

Looking for a quick burn you can complete in your living room? This 20-minute, intense kettlebell workout isolates specific muscles groups and will keep you on track for your summer body—even on your busiest days. All you need is a kettlebell—we recommend investing in a set so you can increase weight as you build strength—a timer, mat, water bottle, and a clear area of space.

Add this workout to your routine once or twice a week while focusing on cardio or HIIT training on the other days. And if you find yourself in love with kettlebell training, check out classes at the kettle bell boutique gyms popping up all over the country!

at home kettlebell workout


(we always encourage stretching before/after your workout)


30 Seconds Kettlebell Swings - (Video)
30 Seconds Kettlebell Squats - (Video)
30 Seconds Kettlebell Deadlifts (Video)
30 Seconds Kettlebell Strict Press (Video) - each side, 60 seconds total
30 Seconds Kettlebell Tricep Extension (Video)
30 Seconds Kettlebell Turkish Getups (Video) - each side, 60 seconds total
1 Minute Rest
Repeat for 4 sets total for a 20-minute workout




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