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The Health Benefits of Morning Sunlight



We've all been there. Our alarm goes off in the morning, and the first thing we do is reach for our phone. Chances are, most of us use our phones as our alarms! Blue light is the first thing to meet our eyes. Our pupils react, but we force them to look at the tiny, glowing screen. Notifications. Emails. New social likes and stories. We scroll and watch from our bed before even getting up for the day. 

Blue light may not be the best thing for our eyes or overall health first thing in the morning (shocker, we know). Studies show that checking our phones first thing in the morning can negatively impact our stress levels and hormones. Instead, it's best to get direct sunlight on our skin as soon as possible. The morning sun feels good (aw, warmth!), which can help regulate our clocks and encourage our bodies to produce serotonin. Other benefits of morning sun include stimulating collagen and helping us sleep better at night. 

So how do we get sun first thing in the morning? Well, the simplest way is to go for a morning walk, even in winter. It doesn't need to be a long walk either; 10 to 20 minutes of exposure is plenty to get you started for the day. 

If you can't manage a walk that early, or it's too cold where you live, opening up your windows and sitting near the sun can also help. An infrared red light device is also a good option for winter months. 

Most importantly, even if you can't get the sun on your face first thing, try to avoid grabbing your phone. We know it's hard, especially when it's a habit. But maybe try to break this one in the new year. Invest in an analog alarm clock instead. Sleep with your phone on the other side of the room. Try to check your device after you've had your breakfast and morning coffee. Take things slowly instead. Trust us: your hormones and your health will thank you. 


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