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The Best Treadmill Circuits To Cure Your Winter Blues

It's almost winter and, while we wish we were running trails, we're most often in the gym these days. To spice up our workout this weekend, we're trying out some new treadmill routines—because how boring is it to get on the treadmill and 'just run'? These 20-minute workouts make running indoors a bit more exciting. Give them a try this weekend!   

Don't forget to stretch, hydrate, and refuel. We've heard a Vukoo bar is great for your post-run fix! 


Our Favorite Treadmill Workouts

If You Want to Sweat:

5 minutes warm-up

20 seconds sprint, 40 seconds jog x 10 reps

5 minutes cool-down

*if you want to make this harder, increase the incline during sprints


If You Want to Build Endurance: 

5 minutes warm-up, increase to steady run pace (SR) during last minute

60 seconds run at 1 mph over SR

60 seconds run at 1 mph under SR

 Repeat for 2, 3, 4, & 5 mph (total of 10 minutes)

5 minutes cool-down


If You Want to Build Strength:  

5 minutes warm-up at 1% incline

 Every 60 seconds, alternate between increasing and decreasing inclining, until you reach the maximum incline, or 10 minutes

5 minutes cool-down


If You Hate Running:

5 minutes warm-up

60-second steady run, 60-second squats/push-ups/lunges/burpees (your choice!)

Repeat 5x

5 minutes cool-down


What are your favorite treadmill workouts? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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