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3 Tips to Make Fitness More Accessible and Affordable


It's no secret that fitness equipment and workout gear can be expensive. From shoes to special clothing to gym membership fees and protein bars—exercising can sometimes be inaccessible and less than affordable. And while our health is always a priority, not everyone has the means to invest in $200 shoes or an expensive boutique gym membership. 

But exercising doesn't have to be this way. In fact, there are many workout hacks—from shopping secondhand to making do with what you have—that can make fitness both affordable and fun. Here are a few ideas: 


1. Shop Secondhand for Gym Clothes

If you're going to invest in exercising clothing, we recommend saving your dollars for items like shoes, swimwear, and/or undergarments. As for shorts, shirts, leggings, etc.—try shopping secondhand. Especially for name brand items that are much pricier (like Nike and Lulu Lemon), you can find these labels for a portion of the cost at thrift stores or on secondhand apps like Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, and even Craigslist.  


2. Skip the Gym Membership and Workout Outside

This past year has taught us that we can workout wherever we are! Whether that be in our living room, our garage, the park, or on the hiking trails, we can work up a sweat without having to pay hefty gym fees. While we of course love our local gyms and encourage supporting them if your means allow, don't let a gym membership stand in the way of your workout. Get creative and use up that free space! 


3. Invest in Produce, Not Protein Powders

Another thing that is expensive? Protein powders and vitamins. Sure, they can be great supplements to your diet, but produce is much cheaper and also offers essential vitamins and nutrients. Dark leafy greens have iron, legumes and lentils can offer protein, and nuts have zinc. While you may find yourself needing a supplement at a certain point, don't buy into the hype that to be healthy, you need to max your card out on fancy powders and pills. 


What are some of the ways you stay healthy and fit without spending money? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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