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Our Favorite At-Home Workouts

It's impossible to write a post today without addressing the elephant in the room. Coronavirus is impacting all of our lives; its reach expands the globe. And while we're confident you don't need more advice about washing your hands or protecting your immunity, we do want to speak to what exercise looks like in this new space.

Many of us are or will be spending more time at home in the coming weeks. Gyms and fitness studios are already closing their doors to avoid the spread. And, while we love the community aspect of the gym, we support efforts to minimize the spread of this virus.

Thankfully, none of this means you have tostop exercising. Exercise is an essential part of physical and mental health; thus, it should continue to be one of our priorities anyway.

Here are a few exercises and workouts you can do from the safety of your home. Alternatively, get outside and in nature. Continue to practice social distancing, but if you're fortunate enough to live somewhere with trails, spend time hiking in the fresh air this weekend.


1. Yoga

Sometimes we prefer practicing yoga at home and in the comfort of our own space. Use your favorite video instructors to guide you, or simply spend time meditating and leaning into what feels right for your body. You can also make yoga a more challenging workout by incorporating hand weights and ab exercises. 


2. Kettle Bell Workouts

We love at-home kettlebell workouts. They require little space but deliver a serious burn. You can do this workout in your living room (be cautious with the weight), or in your backyard or garage.


3. HIIT Body Weight Workouts

Similar to the kettlebell workout, this one can be practiced in your living room or outdoor space. The best part is, you only need yourself (no extra weights or equipment required)!


4. Pilates At Home

Lastly, this pilates at-home workout is no joke. It's only 20-minutes long, but you'll definitely work up a sweat. All you need is your yoga mat and a TV (or computer).


Stay healthy everyone. And share your favorite at-home workouts with us on Facebook and Instagram!


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