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The Case for Self-Care Sundays


Here we are again, at the end of another long week. This week has felt extra long, with Super Tuesday and more terrifying Coronavirus news. Honestly, the days this week felt heavier than usual, and so we're thrilled to be welcoming the weekend (although we're not as excited about daylight savings happening this Sunday).

With the weekend approaching, we've been thinking a lot about what it means to rest. More specifically, what does it mean to rest well? To recover? To give our bodies, minds, and souls a place to retreat? 

If you've ever woken up on a Monday and felt like the weekend slipped away in your laundry list of to-dos and get-togethers and errands, well, then you know how essential it is to carve out space for intentional recovery. 

But how do we this? How do we ensure we don't get caught up in FOMO and the excitement of the weekend? 

One thing we've been practicing is self-care Sundays (or Saturdays—whichever you prefer). While it's not always possible to save the entire day for restorative practices, we like to set aside time in either the morning or afternoon to engage in restful activities. Sometimes this looks like going to a bookstore with our favorite read. Other times, we meditate and catch up on journaling. Some Sundays, we simply nap. (Does anyone else wish naps were required for adults, too?)

Whatever the activity is, it must be grounded in self-care. That means no errands or check-list items. It also means no media—social or otherwise. These hours are meant for breathing and sleeping and reconnecting with our truest selves. Only then can we propel ourselves into the week, full of energy and drive to get things done. 

These self-care hours benefit our health and fitness choices too. We find we're more equipped to make healthy and exercise-forward choices when we're rested and our tanks are full. It's a win-win for everything and everyone. 

So wherever you are this weekend, and whatever obligations you may have on the calendar, try to set aside an afternoon, an hour, or even a moment to breathe and rest and reset. Sneak in a nap if you can. Do something inconsequential and only for you. Besides, isn't that what the weekend is for anyway? 

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