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3 Tips to Keep Your Immune System Healthy Amidst Coronavirus


A few months back, we wrote about our favorite health hacks for warding off sickness. At the time, flu season was around the corner, so immunizations, soups and elixirs, over the counter medicines, and vitamins were on everyone's mind. Now, the end of winter is approaching, but contagious illnesses continue to run rampant and are spreading like wildfire around the world-- most notably, the coronavirus. 

It's important to note-- we're not doctors and nothing written in this blog is medical advice. Rather, we're concerned citizens (just like you) and want to do our best to stay healthy and safe during this virus outbreak, as well as all year long. So, as a follow-up to our health hacks piece, here are the things we're NOT doing during flu season to keep viruses at bay:  


1. Eating Junk Food

It's especially important to keep your immune system in order when viruses are spreading. While we have always been proponents of a balanced approach, we're being extra vigilant about what we eat during the flu season. Skip the sugar and process fats and load up on nutrients and healthy gut food instead. 


2. Going to the Gym

During the flu season, it can be helpful to avoid crowded places, the gym included. Opt for working out at home or exercising in the park if it's warm enough where you live. If you do go to the gym, go during off-peak hours and bring hand sanitizer! 


3. Drinking Alcohol

Yep, that's right. We're cutting out the nightcaps--at least until coronavirus is contained. Alcohol, when consumed daily, can compromise the immune system. Why risk it when you can have a soulful cup of tea instead?


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