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Weekend Workout: Squat Variations For Stronger Legs

Our legs carry our bodies through this world, and they offer us the gift of movement—whether we're exploring trails, playing with our kids, or simply walking around the neighborhood with a friend.

Regardless of if you're working out from home or in the gym this weekend, we love these squat variations for strengthening and toning our legs--yes, even for winter. Give them a try, then let us know your favorite squat on Facebook or Instagram.


1. Goblet Squat


While you don't have to use a kettlebell for a goblet squat, we recommend it for helping with balance. This explosive squat is similar to a regular one, except your toes are turned out, and your knees point in the direction of your feet. You'll want to sink deeper, too, ensuring your core is tight and you're using your legs to push up in an explosive motion. Check out the tutorial for a visual aid!


2. Jump Squat


Looking to get even more explosive? Try adding plyometric jump squats to your workout routine. These are great for cardio as well as strength building. They look just like they sound, though we recommend checking out the tutorial for common mistakes and proper form tips. (hint: land softly)


3. Pop Squat


Similar to jump squats, pop squats are a fun plyo variation to your standard squat. Rather than jumping straight up in the air, you'll bring your feet together and then back out again (check out the tutorial). These are a real burner, so go easy on the reps! 


4. Plié Squat


Missed out on ballet classes as a kid? Now is your chance. These bun-burners are all about form and isolation. We recommend going slow and focusing on keeping the butt tucked and the core tight (think tall thoughts). Tutorial linked above for a visual! 


5. Wall Sits

If you'd prefer not to squat at all but would rather hold the exercise, wall sits are made for you. Find a wall or a pole at the gym to support your back, and aim to have your thighs parallel to the floor (don't sink down further). For an added challenge, pick up some dumbells.

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