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Sweat the Sugar: 3 Post-Holiday Workouts to Try

Feeling a bit sluggish from too much holiday cheer (aka sweets and adult beverages)? Here are a few of our favorite post-holiday workouts to have you feeling like yourself again -- and just in time for the New Year! 

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Nothing makes us sweat out all the sugar like high-intensity interval training (HIIT). We love these workouts for how short they are (most HIIT sessions be completed in less than thirty minutes) and because they are perfect for shedding that holiday bulge while also re-energizing the body. Despite being brutal, a post-holiday HIIT workout is the best way to get a jumpstart on your 2019 health and fitness goals. HIIT is also perfect for sharpening your mind and challenging your mental endurance.

Try out post-holiday HIIT workout from last year or this at-home kettlebell workout.


2. Yoga

A little less extreme but equally amazing after a holiday spent lounging around with food, yoga is one of our favorite ways to bounce back after vacation. Not only is it gentle and healing to our bodies, but it helps strengthen our minds and prepare us for the days ahead. If you find yourself needing a physical and mental awakening, grab your mat and head to the nearest studio. You can even do yoga at home with one of our favorite virtual yoga teachers. 


3. Run

For a longer workout that instills endurance, lace up and venture outside for a run. Most of us have spent too much time indoors over the last week anyhow, and the fresh air will do our minds and our bodies some good. Try listening to a motivational podcast to help you prepare for the New Year and explore a new trail or area of your city. Here are a few of our favorite trail runs in Colorado to give you some ideas. Just make sure to take a Vukoo bar with you for an on-the-go meal!


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