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7 Health and Wellness Products to Snag on Black Friday

While we’re big believers in #optingoutside for Black Friday (check out our post for some opt outside ideas), this weekend can be a great time to shop for bargains. Especially when it comes to athletic gear and health and wellness products, Black Friday is the perfect time to score some deals on otherwise expensive items. Here are a few ideas of what to look for this weekend:

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Workout Clothes and Gym Shoes

If you’re in need of some new workout clothes—think yoga pants, athletic shorts, sports bras, dry fit shirts, running jackets—Black Friday is a great day to shop both online and in stores. Running shoes and cross trainers are heavily discounted over Black Friday so, if you’re in need of a pair, visit your nearest athletic store! Check out Boulder-based Pact Apparel for 100% cotton and fair-trade clothing.


Fitness Trackers

If you’ve been saving up for a fitness tracker, Black Friday is the day you’ll want to shop. Fitbits, Garmin, Apple Watches and more can all be found for a fraction of their normal cost this weekend. Check online and at electronic retail stores.


Water Bottles

Save money and the planet when swapping your plastic disposable bottles for a heavy-duty Nalgene, Hydro Flask, or CamelBak water bottle. And make sure to read our posts about the importance of hydration.


Gym Memberships

If you’ve been waiting for discounted membership rates to join your local gym, you’ll want to stop by this weekend to check out what promos they are offering to new members. While January is also a great time to sign-up for a fraction of the typical cost, gyms also run specials during Black Friday weekend. Whether you’re looking to buy a class-pack for the hot yoga studio or join an all-inclusive club, you’re sure to find a deal on rates this weekend.


Wellness Products

This weekend is a great time to stock up on vitamins at your local wellness store! Check out this list of nine health supplements for millennials.


Vukoo Bars

This one is obvious, but why not pick up a few boxes of Vukoo Bars to keep you fueled for the rest of 2018? We're offering 30% purchases when you use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY. Need we say more? 


Health-Related Gifts for Loved Ones

Prefer to snag some gifts for your loved ones this weekend? Check out our favorite health-related gifts that keep on giving - most if not all will be on sale this weekend!


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