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5 Common Workout Mistakes -- And How to Avoid Them


1. Not Focusing on Technique 

Sure, you may feel cool if you can bench a lot of weight or punch a boxing bag really hard, but if you aren't focusing on the technique and specific body movements behind each exercise, you're missing out on most of the benefits. Even worse, you're setting yourself up for potential injuries. 

Focus on doing your exercises and movements correctly. If you don't know how, ask a trainer at your gym or watch a Youtube video. Visit Jeremy Ethier's Youtube channel for some excellent technique tutorials.  


2. Forgetting to Breathe

This one sounds silly, but you'd be surprised by how many people hold their breath during their workouts. Whether it be cardio or weights or even yoga and stretching, we tend to hold our breath when not practicing mindful breathing. Here's a helpful article from Greatest with breathing tips for every exercise.


3. Skipping Stretches

If you haven't already, check out our article about the importance of stretching after your workouts. Then go stretch. It's essential for maximizing your workouts and preventing injury. It also just feels good. 


4. Not Eating After Your Workouts

While you may prefer to go to the gym on an empty stomach, it's essential to fuel your body after exercise; your muscles need help recovering. Instead of waiting to get home to eat (where you'll most likely change and shower and cook before actually eating), pack post-workout foods (like a Vukoo bar!) in your car or gym bag. This guarantees a post-workout meal, and you can always eat more when you get home. 


5. Doing the Same Workout -- All the Time

Consistency and routine are good. It's healthy to build habits and find workouts you love. But there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Keep your workouts spicy by trying something new every few weeks. Take a dance class or go for a hike. Swap the elliptical for an hour in the spin studio or try swimming a few laps in the pool. Change is healthy for your body and your brain.


Have you fallen victim to any of these common fitness mistakes? Share your experiences with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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