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How To Stay Motivated In Virtual Fitness Classes

Since the pandemic, many of us have transitioned to working out at home, whether with self-led workouts or online fitness trainers. There are numerous platforms for this, including Beachbody, SoulCycle, and the random Youtube video. But how does one stay motivated when your trainer is on the screen rather than in the room? Without others' physical presence, how can we keep our energy up and get the same results with our workouts? 

There are a few ways to get around this. While there will never be a replacement for physical gyms—screens are great, but you can't replicate the feeling of workout with others from home—we have a few tips and tricks for getting a great sweat sesh in from your living room. We hope you give them a try! 


1. Zoom Your Friends

Why not Zoom your friends into your workout? Because we can't communicate with our online instructor, it's nice to have real people we can talk to during the class, ideally doing the workout on their end too. This helps with energy and accountability—while your virtual fitness teacher may not see you slacking, your Zoom friends definitely will. Get those high knees up! 


2. Do Your Virtual Workout At The Same Time—Every Day

This tip works for any workout, but we definitely recommend it if you're using virtual classes or teachers for exercise right now. For some reason, it always feels easier to skip out on class when "we just don't feel like it." Avoid this by completing your fitness video at the same time each day, whether you're feeling it or not.


3. Invest In At-Home Equipment

You don't need to spend a lot of money, but it's nice to have actual equipment when doing an online exercise class—and this is coming from someone who has subbed cans of beans for hand weights. If your instructor is using a jump rope, get one of your own. Or, if they are using dumbbells, pick up your own pair. This will keep you more involved and energized, rather than having to modify every other exercise.


4. Wear Real Workout Clothes

You read that right. Swap your sweatpants for actual gym attire and put on some shoes. Grab a water bottle instead of a coffee mug with water. These little things make a big difference in your energy levels and can make it feel like you're actually at the gym. We promise.


Any tips of your own for virtual workouts? We'd love to hear on Facebook or Instagram! 

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