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4 Reasons We Love Jumping Rope (And Why You Should Try It!)


One of the things that we've found most interesting during 2020, and while exercising at home, is how truly resourceful we can be. When we all began working out at home and in our living rooms, we had to figure out what tools we could use to replace our favorite workout equipment.

For those of us who don't own weights or exercise machines at home, we've learned to make do with what we have—think bean cans for dumbbells, apartment stairwells for stairclimbers, and anything supportive as a plyobox.

One piece of equipment that we've learned to love and invest in is the jump rope—mainly because it's affordable, easy to store away, and useful just about anywhere. Whether you're in your living room, garage, at the park, or that small slice of pavement just outside your apartment building, a jump rope can offer an amazing workout wherever you are. Here are just a few of our favorite benefits:

1. It's a killer cardio workout—no, really

According to Jillian Michaels, jump roping burns more calories than steady-state cardio (i.e., jogging, cycling, swimming, or rowing), so if you're looking for a way to work up a sweat quickly, this is it. Jump roping is a full-body workout, and it uses all of your muscles. That's why it's so difficult to jump in succession for only a few minutes. But if you can hang with it—or better yet, do some intervals—it's a sure way to build your cardio while buring cals.

2. It also works your brain

Jump roping is just as much a mental sport as it is a physical one. Requiring coordination, balance, and perfect timing, jumping rope works your brain and improves mental sharpness. 

3. Builds and tones leg muscles

Missing leg day in the gym? Moving around less because you're working from home? Jump rope is the perfect way to get (or keep) your legs in shape. As it works your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads (in addition to other muscles), it's an excellent exercise for your legs. 

4. It's a fun and challenging sport

There's a reason kids jumped rope on the playground in school: because it's fun! Even as adults, we can enjoy our exercise and be playful with our workout routines. Jumping rope is an invitation to have fun and challenge our bodies and brains in a way we may not have experienced since childhood. Who says you can't smile and sweat!?
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