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Did You Know We Have Six Flavors?

At Vukoo, customer satisfaction is everything, which is why we're so thrilled to share this recent review from Sarah at Selective Elective. She breaks down each of our Vukoo bars by preference, so if there is a flavor you've been curious to try, we definitely recommend giving her review a read.

Speaking of flavors, we decided to spend some time in this week's post talking about the different Vukoo options we offer, and why we believe variety is necessary for our customers.

Currently, our lineup includes six different bar flavors: Dark Chocolate Almond CoconutAlmond BrownieBanana NutPeanut Butter BananaCoconut Nectar, and Blueberry Dark Chocolate.


Each bar includes premium organic ingredients, like organic almonds, organic raw bananas, and organic raw coconut nectar. Not only do we include the best ingredients, but our bars are made in the USA, allowing us control over quality and customer satisfaction. 

We offer six flavors for a few different reasons, mostly because everyone's tastebuds and preferences vary, and we feel it's important to give our customers options so that they can find a bar they truly love. 

In a world where there are numerous protein bars on grocery store shelves that (let's be honest) don't taste that great, we wanted to do something different—to create a bar packed with as many incredible nutrients as it has flavor. We wanted to create a bar you'll enjoy again and again.

And we also wanted to ensure you have options, so you're not only relying on your favorite flavor to get you through. Just like we recommend switching up our workout and including different activities throughout the week, we wanted to ensure you felt excited each time you grab a Vukoo bar. You can either reach for your favorite or switch it up with something new. With six options, you don't have to stick with the same flavor every day.


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