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How to Make Healthy Food Choices—Even When You Don't Feel Like It

It's easy to look at a blog like this one and think healthy living is simple, easy, and intuitive. But the truth is that small and sometimes hard choices result in living a healthy and prosperous life. Unlike what you may see on blogs and in social media, choosing to eat nutritious meals isn't always easy. Sometimes we're tired and stressed. When time is running short, it's easy to skip the gym and order fast food. 

Choosing to foster healthy habits isn't always the most appealing choice, but it's worth it. Here are a few tips for choosing healthy living—even when you don't feel like it: 


Drink a glass of water

It may sound too simple, but sometimes a large glass of water is all it takes to get us back on track with healthy living. Often, we are dehydrated and distracted by life's demands. Taking a moment to pause and hydrate is a great way to reset and think about the path we're on. Next time you're feeling overwhelmed or like you want to reach for a bag of chips, first drink a glass of water. 


Practice mindfulness or meditation

For another way to collect your thoughts and reset, take five minutes to breathe and meditate. Find a quiet place (your car is great) and close your eyes. Practice breathing deeply and letting any anxiety pass through your body. Then, remind yourself of your values; meditate on those. Use this short break to realign yourself with your healthy habits and goals. 


Keep healthy snacks on hand

Especially when we're busy and overwhelmed, it can feel impossible to make ourselves a healthy meal. That's why it's crucial to keep healthy snacks on hand. This way, when you're contemplating ordering take out or stuffing a frozen pizza in the oven, you can reach for a banana or Vukoo bar instead.


Enlist an accountability partner

Friends encourage friends to make healthy choices. And on the days when it feels extra hard--like when you're overworked or feeling anxious--a friend can remind you of your values and encourage you. They can encourage you to choose rest over staying up late, to drink a calming tea instead of an alcoholic drink, or to take a walk outside instead of burying yourself in more work. When you're feeling overwhelmed, don't carry the weight alone. Reach out to a friend to remind you of your values. 


What are your tips for choosing healthy living in times of stress? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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