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How To Create An Evening Routine For Better Sleep

We talk a lot about morning routines and how to best jumpstart our day, but what about winding down and resting? It's just as important to have an evening routine too! Here are a few of our favorite tips for a restful and relaxing evening:


Choose a bedtime—and stick with it.

Bedtimes aren't only for the kids; we need regular rest, too. Especially when working out, our bodies need adequate sleep for recovery. Decide on a bedtime at the beginning of the week (or month), and try to stick with it. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep (though eight is best if you can manage that).


Turn off the screens.

This tip is a broken record, but that's because so many of us struggle with it. We know; it's nice to relax in front of the TV or to watch endless hours of TikTok videos to wind down before bed. But try to cut your "screen time" off at least an hour before sleep. This will help your brain prepare for rest, and it's also better for your eyes, especially if you already stare at a screen all day. Read a book or listen to a podcast instead. Here are our favorite screen-free activities for mental health.


Eat dinner at a set time.

Another time to try and keep: dinner time. When we eat too close to sleep, it can interfere with our rest because our body is digesting our food. We also don't love the idea of eating and then remaining sedentary for the rest of the evening. Instead, try to eat at least a few hours before bed and go for a walk or stretch after dinner. Allow your body to digest its food before turning in for the night. 


Do something for yourself.

It's easy to fall into a pattern of "getting things done" in the evening. For some of us, it's the only time we have to pack lunches, get chores done, and check off the last items on our to-do list. But taking care of ourselves is important, too, and it can help us rest and appreciate the day we had. However this looks for you, try to take a few minutes for yourself doing something you love. This may be sitting alone with a book, taking a warm bath, or lighting a candle and having an evening meditation. 



How do your evenings look? Do you have a routine? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook!



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