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"Go Nuts for These 4 Nuts!"

Looking for a no-prep, easy, and healthy snack to keep you fueled throughout the day? Well there is nuttin’ better (see what we did there?) than a handful of nuts to curve your hunger and give you that extra boost of energy.

With so many varieties of nuts though, we wanted to break down our four favorite. All of these can be purchased at your local grocery store—although we prefer buying in bulk at Sprouts or Whole Foods to save on the packaging. 



Brazilian Nuts


Did you know Brazilian Nuts can protect against cancer AND jumpstart your metabolism?


“Brazil nuts are the densest food source of bioavailable selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant that plays many important roles in our body (source).” You can read the full benefits of selenium here


You only need 3-4 of these quarter-sized nuts a day to reap all the nutritional benefits. You can eat them plain for a quick snack or add them to your favorite smoothie. We currently love them shaved over a warm bowl of oatmeal and drizzled with honey for the perfect winter breakfast. 





Arguably one of the best tasting nuts, we love cashews for their low fat content (compared to other nuts). They are also great for healthy hair, gums, bones, teeth, nerves, and so much more! 


Even better, cashews are an excellent cheese substitute for all the vegans out there. Check out our favorite cashew cheese recipe from The Full Helping. 






Skip the afternoon make-up touch up and grab a handful of walnuts—did you know these nuts make your skin glow (as well as prevent aging and wrinkles)?


Walnuts are great for your heart, skin, health, and weight loss! They are also recommended for pregnant women. “Mothers-to-be who eat a diet rich in fatty acids such as those found in walnuts can reduce the baby’s chances of developing food allergies, researchers say (source).”


Walnuts can be bitter so we prefer them mixed into our oatmeal, paired with a Vukoo bar, or baked into Banana Bread.




Looking to feed your brain? Peanuts contain essential nutrients that your brain needs. They are also low in sodium, cholesterol-free, and have 7g of protein per ounce. 


Wether you like it on toast or as a raw snack, your body is sure to love all the nutrients and health benefits of the peanut. Just be careful to read your peanut butter labels—opt for organic, natural, and free of added salts or sugars. If possible, make your own! 




A few tips for nuts:


  • Buy organic when possible.
  • Buy in bulk - it saves on money and wasted packaging materials. 
  • Measure your portions. Nuts are great for you, but a little goes a long way. Measure out what you need or you may accidentally eat the whole bag (especially if snacking on tasty cashews!)



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"Go Nuts for These 4 Nuts"; by Vukoo®

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