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5 Reasons to Incorporate Boxing Into Your Weekly Workout Routine

At Vukoo, we are all about trying new workouts, recipes, and active lifestyle tips! Recently, we’ve been turned on to boxing and its amazing physical and mental benefits (not to mention it’s fun!) 


Remember to drink a lot of water before, during, and after this crazy sweat sesh. And a Vukoo bar makes the perfect pre or post workout snack! 



1. Full Body Workout


Looking for a fast, fun workout to tone your whole body? Try boxing. When done properly, boxing (and kickboxing) uses every muscle in your body, making it the ultimate full body workout. And if you try a gym like Title Boxing Club or Farrell’s, you will alternate between bag work and active rests (aka core work, squats, push ups, lunges, etc.)


Pro Tip:Alternate between speed and power for a killer sweat sesh. 30 seconds of quick jabs followed by 30 seconds of power hooks will work your cardio and build strength. Remember to stay light on your toes and continue moving, even when taking a rest.



2. Resistance Training (aka Weight Training)


Few workouts target strength and cardio at the same time. By hitting a 100 pound heavy bag though, you accomplish the same gains you would when lifting weights. By combining that with intense cardio, you essentially “kill two birds with one stone.” Anyone else a fan of getting rid of “cardio days” and “lift days?”



3. Empowerment


It starts with wrapping your hands. You feel empowered and strong; the Rocky theme song plays in your head. You step into the ring, or up to your bag. Gloves on, you take the first punch; a wave of empowerment overcomes you. 


It may sound silly, but boxing is just as much a mental workout as it is a physical one. It has been proven to help with anger issues and stress, as well as confidence. You are guaranteed to walk off the mat feeling stronger—both physically and mentally. 



4. Core Work


Ready for summer abs? Few workouts build your core like boxing. Remember to rotate into your punches, keeping your core tight and using your full body (not your arms) for power. You don’t even need to do a sit-up to feel your obliques burn. 



5. It’s Fun


Working out—exercising our bodies—it should be fun. The more fun the workout, the more you will want to do it. Boxing isn’t for everyone—maybe dancing or Crossfit is your thing. If you don’t enjoy yourself, that’s okay, but give it a try, you may never want to leave the ring! 





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"5 Reasons to Incorporate Boxing Into Your Weekly Workout Routine"; by Vukoo®

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