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5 Date Ideas to Benefit Your Relationship, Body, & Soul

 Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still plan an awesome date with your significant other. Skip the traditional (and expensive) candlelight dinners and get healthy with our favorite date ideas!


1. Test Your Chef Skills

Skip reservations and opt for playing chef with the one you love. With so many fun and tasty recipes out there, you and your date are sure to find a yummy and healthy recipe worth trying!

Start by picking out a recipe with your significant other a few days in advance. Try your favorite cookbook or search online. On the night of, go to the grocery store together to pick out fresh ingredients (don’t forget dessert!) Once back at the house, pour a glass of wine, grab your aprons, and press play on this awesome cooking playlist to set the mood. Spend the next few hours cooking, eating, and enjoying each other’s company (and the food!)


2. Roll Out Your Mats

Partner Yoga is all the craze, and for good reason. In addition to cultivating physical and emotional support, it has amazing benefits for both relationships and personal health.

Check out local studios in your city to see what classes and events are being offered for partners.


3. Relax Together

Looking to soothe your aches, release tension, and boost your immunity (among other things) this year? Book a couples massage for a relaxing day date. A healthy and healing experience, treating your body to a massage with your significant other is a great way to bond and relieve stress together. Check out Groupon for deals and discounts on couples massages in your city.

4. Dance the Night Away

Spice up your date night by hitting the dance floor with your partner! It’s fun, romantic, and exhilarating—not to mention a major workout! Whether it be tango or salsa, hip-hop or ballroom, there is sure to be a dance floor calling your names.

Don’t know how to dance? Try a class with your partner! You may discover your inner Michael Jackson.


5. Pedal Around

Love to bike? Try riding tandem for the day! Spend a warm day biking around your favorite city on a bike built for two. Benefits include burning calories, practicing communication skills, and creating lasting memories! Don’t forget your Vukoo bars for a mid-day snack. Check with local bike shops for rental rates and availability.


How do you and your significant other stay healthy together? Share your date ideas and suggestions with usFacebook andInstagram!


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