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3 Podcasts To Inspire A Healthier, More Active Lifestyle



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Tired of the same old playlist at the gym? Looking for some new inspiration during your morning commute? Consider swapping your tunes for podcasts—at least one or two times a week.

Podcasts are not only great for learning, but they are free, easy to download to your listening device, and cover any and every subject imaginable. We recommend adding them to your routine for a healthy dose of inspiration!

Here are three of our favorite podcasts to inspire a healthier and more active lifestyle:

1. No Meat Athlete Podcast

No Meat Athlete began in 2009 and is a website, blog, and book by Matt Frazier. Known as the "Vegan Ultrarunner," Matt has inspired “No Meat” running groups around the world, as well as become an inspiration for runners and athletes who have decided to try a more plant-based diet.

Matt’s podcast, the No Meat Athlete Radio, covers various health, food, and fitness topics—some of the Vukoo team’s favorite episodes includeIf Your ‘Healthy’ Diet Stresses You Out, Can You Still Call It Healthy? & How Not to Suck at Cooking. At 175 episodes (and counting), the No Meat Athlete podcast is informative, inspirational, and a great listen for your work commute or summer road trips.

Listen and Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

2. The Rich Roll Podcast

Noted as one of the world’s most highly acclaimed podcasts (it has over 20,000 subscribers), The Rich Roll Podcast is all about unlocking your best self with weekly health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship & spirituality inspiration.

Rich, an ultra-endurance athlete and plant-based nutrition advocate, invites well-known and inspiring guests—such as three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and vegan world record holding Strongman Patrik Baboumian—to join him on his show. Not all guests are athletes though, listeners can also expect to hear from musicians—such as Travis Barker—authors, speakers, and other notable figures.

Listen and Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

3. Spartan Up Podcast

Have you heard of that crazy race where runners have to jump over fire and crawl through a mud pit underneath barbed wire? That’s the Spartan Race and it was founded by Joe Cesena in 2007. In addition to the intense obstacle course that has taken over the country, Joe has also created a online Spartan movement including nutrition and training guides, Spartan gear, and an inspirational podcast called Spartan Up.

In weekly episodes, Joe travels the world to interview epic people, including a former member of Seal Team Six and a visually impaired wrestler. Listeners can expect to be inspired to take their health and fitness to the next level, as well as sign-up for the next Spartan Race in their city.

Listen and Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.



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