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"For Every Vukoo Bar You Eat, You Help Fight Slavery and Human Trafficking"

Vukoo Protein Bar

Did you know there are currently 1.39 million victims of commercial sexual servitude worldwide? Or that only 1-2 percent of victims are ever rescued? In the United States alone, over 17,500 victims are trafficked every year—33% are American citizens.

A21 Campaign Vukoo Protein Bar

Vukoo Protein Bar A21 Campaign

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month and, to raise awareness about this ongoing issue, we are highlighting one of our favorite anti-trafficking organizations, the A21 Campaign.


According to its website, The A21 Campaign “exists to abolish injustice in the 21st century through a comprehensive system achieving preventative measures to help potential victims evade trafficking, victim protection through our shelters and aftercare program, prosecution of violators, and strategic partnerships.”


Human trafficking is the illegal selling, trading, or buying of humans for the intent of forced sex or labor. It fuels the growth of organized crime and undermines health, safety, security, and the basic needs of humanity. As the fastest growing crime in the world, it is a highly profitable industry and impacts every country. The average age of a trafficking victim is only 12-years-old.


At Vukoo, this issue is close to our heart. That is why $.21 of every Vukoo bar sold is given to the A21 Campaign, helping them in the fight to rescue men, women, and children who are currently enslaved. 


You can help too—by volunteering, raising awareness, spreading the word on social media (and by eating more Vukoo bars!) To learn more about the A21 Campaign and the fight to end slavery and human trafficking, visit http://www.a21.org



Follow the A21 Campaign on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on the fight to end human trafficking.


Statistics from: The A21 Campaign Website

"For Every Vukoo Bar You Eat, You Help Fight Slavery and Human Trafficking"; by Vukoo®

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