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Change Up Your Fitness Routine This Fall

Happy First Day of Fall!

At Vukoo, we love the changes autumn brings. With a new season comes fresh mountain air (make sure to get out and see the Aspen colors!), a new lineup of fresh produce at our favorite farmers markets, and, most of all, fresh starts! If you have been looking to make a change to your fitness routine, or just want to finish the year strong by really focusing on your health and body, here are a few change-ups we recommend:


1. Yoga 

If you’re not already incorporating yoga into your weekly workout routine, now is the time to start. Yoga is great to stretch and strengthen your muscles; it’s also a wonderful stress-reliever and centering practice. When the weather cools down we specifically love hot yoga, but there is a different style of yoga to meet just about everyone’s needs. Find your closest studio to inquire about trial classes and membership rates.


2. Cycling

Even though the weather is cooling down, it’s a great month to take up cycling for your daily commute. With winter near, bike prices are low and the trails will be less crowded. Take in the fall air with a more scenic commute to work or school this season.


3. Dance

Looking to make a change to your fitness routine AND learn a new skill? Dancing is a perfect activity to burn calories, strengthen your heart, improve your endurance, and have fun. Whether it be hip-hop, ballet, salsa, or swing, no one ever regretted sweating it out on the dance floor!


4. Rock Climbing

If you have been secretly longing to join all the outdoor rock climbers this past summer, consider joining a climbing gym for fall. By joining a gym, you can learn how to use ropes and practice with the security of mats. You will also make friends as the rock climbing community is pretty tight-knit. Then, by next summer, you will be ready to climb outdoors!


How do you plan to change up your fitness routine this fall? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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