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Traveling Abroad? Take These Health Tips With You


Traveling overseas is both exciting and daunting—especially when visiting a new place where the currency, language, and time zone differ from home. It’s important to maintain healthy habits though, specifically when traveling for long periods of time. We’ve posted blogs in the past about how to stay healthy while traveling from one location to the next, but what about once you have arrived? Here are a few tips from our recent travels abroad to help you stay healthy and happy in foreign lands:

Water Filters Are Your Friend.We love water filters because, well, we love drinking water. Sometimes it can be confusing whether or not it is safe to drink from the tap in certain countries, and not all places have drinking fountains or water as readily available as Colorado. You may also notice that when you go into a restaurant and ask for water the waiter brings out small portions or sparkling water. This can all be very overwhelming, especially if you have been traveling for many hours and plan to spend your days walking around to all of the sites. This is why water filters are a “must-have” international travel item. In our experience Steripens work wonderfully and are light/compact enough to carry around all day. Simply fill your water bottle at the tap, dip the pen in the water in order to sterilize (it takes around one minute), and drink up! Bonus: filtering water saves on using plastic water bottles.

Walk Everywhere.Want to save money on public transportation AND take care of your body while traveling abroad? Skip the tubes, metros, taxis, and Ubers in exchange for walking.

Walking is not only great for your health but it allows you to slow down and really experience the neighborhoods up close. Some of our favorite travel memories include coming upon a hidden shop or meeting a hospitable local all because of walking to our destination. Just make sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes!

Snack On Vukoo Bars.Shameless plug here, but did you know Vukoo bars make an excellent travel meal? Whether you have a quick change plane with no time to grab food (who likes airport food anyway?) or need some bars to keep you full in between all the wonderful sights and activities, Vukoo Bars are your jam. Pack a box in your suitcase and conveniently store in your accommodation mini fridge. Say goodbye to hangry travel companions!

Take Naps.If you flew half way around the world, chances are you are going to be exhausted. Even though you feel like there is so much to see and so much to do, try to take a nap over the first few days. Allowing your body to rest and adjust to the new time zone will keep you healthy and make for a much more enjoyable experience. And if you are so concerned with missing out, schedule an extra day into your trip to allow for recovery.


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