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9 Food and Fitness Documentaries to Binge on This Weekend

Hey Vukoo tribe, ready for all the snow this weekend?! Typical of spring in Colorado, local weather experts anticipate a new snowstorm will roll in this afternoon and last through Saturday evening—time to cozy up!

To celebrate what could be the end of winter, bundle up with your favorite blankets, whole-food snacks (we recommend Avocado Pudding or No-Bake, GF Protein Balls), and friends to binge out on our favorite food and fitness documentaries—climbing mountains can wait until next weekend. Happy Spring!

food and fitness documentaries

Food Documentaries

Hungry for Change

James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, Nutritional Consultants and creators of the best-selling documentary Food Matters, have set out in their new film to expose the secrets behind diet, weight loss, and the processed foods. Want more energy and an overall healthier body? This is the film for you. Watch the first 20 minutes for free online.


Plant Pure Nation

A documentary focused on America’s obsession with unhealthy, processed foods, this film walks viewers through the positive impact a plant-based diet can have on the human body, medical industry, and environment. Watch on the Plant Pure website or on Netflix.


That Sugar Film

Similar to Supersize Me, Damon Gameau experiments with the impact of sugar on his body by consuming 40 tsp of processed sugar per day for six weeks. Entertaining, scary, and educational, you can watch it on the website.


Forks Over Knives

A serious and compelling film highlighting the impact of animal products on the human body. Controversial, inspiring, and worth the watch. Check it out on the website or on Netflix.



Fitness Documentaries

Froning: The Fittest Man in History

Crossfit legend and ultimate competitor, Rich Froning began his Crossfit career in 2010. Arguably the fittest man in the world, this exciting documentary follows his fitness journey and offers viewers a glance into his personal life, childhood, and day-to-day training. Warning: you may just want to head to the gym after watching this film…Watch here.


My Dharma

Ever wanted to roll out a mat and experience the benefits of yoga? This film could be the push you need to get started. Be inspired and enlightened in this documentary featuring beginner and advanced Yogis from all around the world. Watch for free on Youtube.


Occupation Fighter

Have you ever been curious about what it takes to be a professional fighter? Follow the journey of Chad “Savage”George, along with numerous UFC fighters in this inspirational, grueling, fast-paced fight film. Watch here.


American Weightlifting

For the weightlifters out there, check out this informative and exciting documentary about the Olympic sport of weightlifting and what it actually takes to make it to the top. Watch on the website.



Not necessarily a sport for everyone, but definitely an inspirational and breathtaking film to watch from the safety of home. Winner of the Sundance 2015 Audience Award, Meru follows three of the world’s greatest climbers—Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk—as they set out to conquer one of the world’s toughest climbs. More than just a documentary, this film is captivating and inspires each person to conquer fear. Watch here.



What are your favorite food and fitness documentaries? Share with the Vukoo community of Facebook or Instagram!

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