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5 Things We're Shopping for This Black Friday

Black Friday and holiday deals are in full swing, and while we fall into the "opt outside" camp, there are a few things worth picking up during the massive sales. Quality health and fitness items can not only help with your workouts, but they often last longer, saving you money (and waste) in the long run. Here are a few of our favorite items we're shopping for this weekend:


1. Athletic Shoes

Quality athletic shoes are essential for a few reasons. First, adequate support is necessary when you're running, hiking, or lifting weights. Shoes are crucial for our posture, too, and they help with grip (something that's really important when lifting heavy or doing balance exercises). So you can't go wrong with investing in proper workout shoes. By taking care of them and only using them for their particular purpose, you can prolong their life as well. 


2. BPA-Free Water Bottle

We're always emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated, but it's also essential to invest in the proper drinking containers. Because plastic can contain harsh toxins that leak into your beverage, we recommend investing in toxic-free, BPA bottles. Stainless steel, ceramic, or metal drinking containers will also keep for longer, making the investment worth your while.


3. Toxic-Free Kitchenware

Similarly, considering upgrading and investing in toxic-free kitchenware. Ceramic pots and pans, glass food storage containers, bamboo utensils—all of these things ensure you're not consuming toxins alongside your organic foods.


4. Earbuds

If you're someone who needs music for your workouts, you may want to invest in some quality headphones or earbuds, specifically wireless ones. While earbuds can be an investment, if you add up the cost of replacing cheap ones every few months, you'll quickly see it's worth the investment.


5. Natural Deodorant 

We call it a sweat sesh for a reason, so we don't recommend skimping on your deodorant. Opt for a natural, organic brand as it's better for your body and the environment. Even though natural deodorant has a heftier price tag, your fellow gym-goers will thank you. 


What health and fitness items do you invest in? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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