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5 Sandwich-Alternatives for Lunch

Tired of eating sandwiches for lunch? Looking for a healthy and nutritious alternative to spice up your work or school-day routine? There are many wonderful and delicious foods that are perfect for taking along to work or school. Here are a few of our favorite sandwich-alternatives to try this fall: 

1. Mouth-Watering Salads

While some people prefer lunch to be the biggest meal of the day, others like a lighter and less-filling food option. Salads are excellent for lunch if you're looking for a nutritious but light meal. They are versatile and easy to make ahead of time--just keep your dressing separate from your greens, so they don't get soggy. For some vibrant and delicious salad recipes, check out the Minimalist Baker.


2. High-Protein Wraps

Wraps are a great alternative to sandwiches. They are still filling and packed with all the goodies, just sans the dense bread. If you're not sure how to fill your lunch wraps, start here for some ideas. This article highlights 18 high-protein wrap ideas to try out.


3. Yummy Veggie Medleys

Veggie medleys are a great use of dinner leftovers or any extra veg that you didn't get around to make over the weekend. Combined with a sauce, some nuts, and some greens, this lunch option is simple yet extremely nutritious (and yummy!) It's also the perfect meal for those on a plant-based diet. Try this roasted vegetable recipe from Damn Delicious. 


4. Warming Soups & Chilis

Colder weather is right around the corner! Soups and chilis are easy-to-make, hearty, and, depending on the ingredients, packed with loads of nutrients and vitamins. Try one of our favorite crockpot recipes instead of your ordinary work-day sandwich.


5. Customizable Spreads

A little less traditional than sandwiches or salads or even vegetable medleys, spreads are a great alternative for lunch-- mainly because they are so customizable. Pack a Tupperware with sliced veggies, meats, cheeses, and nuts; and bring along a side of hummus for dipping. You can even finish your spread off with a Vukoo bar for something extra filling and delicious! 


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