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4 Healthy Ways To Destress After The Work Week

Needing to wind down after a long work week? Or maybe you're in school (or caring for littles in school), and you just need a moment to catch your breath? Whatever your reason for needing to destress, we hear you and often feel the same way.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to release stress in a healthy way:

1. Cook something healthy yet delicious

We love a good Friday takeout menu, but sometimes, especially after a week of late work nights (where--let's be honest--we were snacking), a healthy home-cooked meal is just what the doctor ordered. Listen to your body at the end of the week. What does it need? Maybe swap the pizza for a hearty and healthy dish you can easily whip up in the kitchen.

2. Skip the wine

Again--no judgment if you want to have a glass to unwind (pun intended)--but consider skipping the alcohol if your body is craving hydration and rest. Too quickly, we retreat to drinks as a way to relax, but often, and especially in large quantities, they can do more harm than good. Most importantly, listen to what your body tells you it needs.


3. Do something for you

This tip is especially for our caregivers out there. If you are caring for loved ones at home, try to allocate some time for yourself as you ease into the weekend. If funds allow, hire a sitter for a few hours or swap childcare services with a friend. Alternatively, try to get the kids to bed a bit earlier tonight (or just put them down with a movie), so you can curl up with your favorite book and get some quiet time.

4. Turn in early

That's right. While you may be wanting to celebrate now that the week is over, your body and mind are likely both tired and in desperate need of rest. Instead of staying up late or going out with friends, consider easing into your evening instead--either with a movie at home or a nice long bath (or both!). Then, rather than staying up late, turn in early and catch up on the missed zzz's from your workweek. Your body and weekend will thank you.


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