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3 Negative Mindsets We're Ditching

Did you know that how we think about our bodies—and how we talk about them—is an important part of our overall wellness? Our mindsets about our bodies can influence our workouts and our health choices throughout the day. 

For many of us, there are a few mindsets that aren't so healthy that we often adopt without thinking twice. And there's no shame in this, but it's beneficial to analyze the not-so-helpful narratives we tell ourselves and ask if they are really true (most times, they aren't).


1. Someday, I will look like X

Hear us when we say there is nothing wrong with having health and fitness goals or with wanting to look a certain way in our bodies. But it's important to remember that today is what we have—not yesterday, not tomorrow. We can find balance in our lives by being grateful for the present moment while also excited about the future. If we're constantly working for a "someday prize," we miss the joy of today and of the very moment we're living in.

Additionally, we forget to pause and be grateful for the journey we're on and how far we've come. Instead of focusing on someday, try focusing on today.

New Mindset: I love my body today. And I'm excited about the goals I will achieve in the future.


2. I'll gain weight if I eat that

When it comes to food, shameful narratives aren't always helpful as they can lead to restrictive dieting and even binging high-sugar foods in short periods. Instead of focusing on what you can't eat, focus on what you want to eat. It's helpful to reframe our mindset regarding food by thinking about how food makes our body feel rather than look. Try the below perspective instead.

New Mindset: This food won't make me feel good. Instead, I'll eat something that both tastes good and is nutritious.


3. I'm not strong enough to complete X

In the gym, it's easy to equate our worth and success with how fast we can run, how many reps we can do, or how long we can endure our workout. But what if instead of focusing on the number of reps we didn't complete, we focus on the number we did complete? Instead of feeling discouraged for only running half a mile, perhaps we celebrate our bodies for being able to run half a mile. All movement is good movement—no matter for how long. Celebrate how incredible it is that you exercised today. You will get stronger in time, so stay encouraged.

New Mindset: I'm strong enough that I completed X



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