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4 Healthy Camp Recipes

We're headed to the mountains this weekend, which means we have a car packed with tents, bikes, and our very favorite camp stove. Is there truly anything better than scrambling eggs over an open fire or roasting s'mores under starlight? (The answer is no!)

But while we may be leaving the city for a few days, we're not leaving our health and wellness mindset behind. The good news is, there are numerous camping recipes that are healthy, nutritious, and tasty! Here are a few of our favorites:


1. Vegan Camping Pancakes

Recipe by: From My Bowl

Banana pancakes aren't only for rainy days and lazy Saturdays; they're a perfect in-the-backwoods breakfast too! And these pancakes are not only delicious, but they are plant-based, gluten-free, and made with only seven (healthy!) ingredients. Make the dry mix in advance for a leisurely morning of cooking over an open fire.

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2. Sausage and Bean Soup

Recipe by: Fresh Off The Grid

For those who prefer a bit of meat in their diet, this sausage and white bean soup is both hearty and delicious. It includes nutritious greens (green kale) and can pretty much be customized for your preferences. We love adding in potatoes, extra carrots, and some chopped celery. Cozy and satisfying! 

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3. Salmon Foil Packets

Recipe by: Dinner At The Zoo

For camping near the coast, we love grabbing some fresh fish and veggies for these delicious salmon foil packets. Paired with asparagus and peppers, it's packed with healthy protein and carbs. And the herb butter makes it, *chef's kiss*, extra delicious! 

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4. Vukoo S'mores

Okay, so we don't have a recipe for this one, but we couldn't create a list of campfire recipes without noting that our Vukoo bars taste heavenly warmed and smooshed between two Graham crackers! If you're looking for a filling and healthy dessert, why not give it a try? (We recommend the dark chocolate almond.) 

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