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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Protected


When we think about health and fitness, it's not often that we consider skincare as part of our overall wellness routine. But taking care of our skin is incredibly important—not only to prevent sun damage but also to protect ourselves from sun-related illness and even cancer. Plus, who enjoys getting a sunburn?

In Colorado, because of the higher elevation, we have to protect our skin year-round. But this should really be a part of everyone's mindset. Skincare is a daily thing, and it's not just reserved for summer or tropical vacations. 

Here are a few ways to protect your skin and keep it healthy all year long:


1. Wear Sunscreen—Daily

If you're going outside, you should be wearing SPF on your face. That includes walking the dog, driving in the car, or hanging out in the park on weekends. Whenever we're going to be in the sun, we should have some protection on our skin. In fact, many face moisturizers even come with built-in SPF, making it easier than ever. Here are a few recommended brands.


2. Wear A Hat 

If you are hikinggoing for a run, or plan to spend most of the day outdoors, consider wearing a hat to protect your scalp from too much sun exposure. Hair doesn't protect our skin, so a baseball cap is an excellent option for preventing scalp sunburn. Hats are great for outdoor exercise anyway, as they can keep you cooler on hot days! For hiking, we love Patagonia's hats


3. Wear Eye Protection

Okay, so our eyes aren't technically skin, but they are on our face, and they need equal amounts of protection from sun exposure. Unfortunately, cheap sunglasses won't work either—you need polarized glasses for UV protection. Consider investing in a pair for your outdoor activities. Your eyesight will thank you.


How do you protect your skin from sun and sunburns? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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