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Give the Gift of Vukoo Bars This Holiday Season

Spread the love of Vukoo Bars this holiday season and gift the people in your life with the world’s most inspirational organic and all natural protein bar! Whether you gift a pack of the SIGBU Organic Coconut and Toasted Carob bars or the BIYU Organic Dark Chocolate, Almond, and Organic Coconut bars, we are confident your gift will be the talk of the season. You can also spread the holiday cheer by using individual Vukoo Bars for stocking stuffers or office gift bags.

Here are a few people you should give the gift of Vukoo to this year:


1. Busy Parents

Vukoo Bars are a wonderful gift for busy parents. A quick, healthy, and no-mess snack (for both parents and kids), we know the busy parents in your life will love a pack or monthly subscription of Vukoo this holiday season.


2. College Kids

Have a loved one in college? Vukoo Bars are the perfect gift. Because they are easy to store in dorm rooms fridges and convenient meals on the go, we know college kids will love this practical (and delicious) holiday gift.


3. School Teachers and Coaches

Are you looking for a unique but useful gift for the school teachers and sports coaches in yours (or your kids) life? Look no further than Vukoo. An affordable and practical way to say “Happy Holidays,” Vukoo Bars are a great alternative to the traditional gift card, coffee mug, or desk accessory.


4. Your Coworkers

Stock the break room fridge this holiday season with the world’s greatest all natural protein bar! With all the cookies and candies, you and your co-workers could use a break from unhealthy sweets. Individually wrapped Vukoo Bars are also a great gift for holiday work parties or affordable presents for a larger team.


5. Everyone Else

Because the reality is, everyone loves Vukoo Bars—, especially during the holiday season.

Who do you plan to gift with a Vukoo Bar this year? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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