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"Going Gluten-Free: The "Fad" that isn't a Fad"

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It’s a war.

A battle that will rage for generations to come.

There are two armies.

On the one side, you have those who refuse to believe the dangers that their opposition propose.

This “opposition” however, are firm in their own beliefs, and they know who their enemy is ...


Our two sides don’t agree.

We have the pro-gluten crowd, who are convinced that the only people who need to avoid gluten are those with bonafide celiac disease.

Then you have the gluten-avoiders who, though they may not be diagnosed gluten intolerant, choose to avoid it for health and lifestyle reasons.

I try to stay impartial most of the time, but in this instance, I’m going to lay my cards on the table, risk my reputation, and give firm recommendations, because


There, I said it.

But before you close the tab and go back to Facebook, hear me out.

Now, I’m not a celiac, and it’s highly likely you aren’t either (as only around 1 in 133 people actually are. (1))

That said, I still avoid gluten like the plague, and I’d urge you too.

“Help, My Gut is Leaking”

Leaky gut is one of the most common side effects associated with regular gluten consumption.

This is a condition whereby the lining of your intestine becomes more permeable, which is caused by the antibodies produced when gluten is present.

This means vital nutrients can escape, your become bloated and unwell, and your intestinal flora can also become altered.


Because our bodies don’t digest gluten all too well, it’s also a highly inflammatory chemical stressor.

Inflammation is often referred to as a “silent killer” because it’s not recognized as a disease itself, rather it’s a contributory factor to many other major diseases such as cancer, strokes and heart disease.

In fact, almost every modern disease has inflammation linked to it.

The Times They Are a’ Changing

Here comes the argument of –“We weren’t designed to eat that.”

This is the reasoning the Paleo diet followers put forward as to why they avoid grains, dairy, alcohol, beans and anything man-made or processed.

Then there are those who say we didn’t evolve with modern medicines, technologies or drive cars either, and we seem to be doing okay.

Both these arguments have their validity, and it can go either way with gluten –

Clearly, early man didn’t have access to the tools and methods needed to make gluten-containing plants edible, so wouldn’t have eaten them.

As we evolved, we did develop these technologies however, meaning we could consume gluten. Yet, in recent centuries, the formation of gluten in the foods we eat has changed, making it into a completely different beast to what it was a couple of hundred years ago.

And in the history of mankind, 200 years isn’t a long time – so it’s safe to say that gluten is still a relatively new food, and one that our bodies and digestive systems probably haven’t gotten used to yet.

What NOT To Eat

So you decided to go gluten-free? Smart choice.
Here’s what to avoid –

  • -  Bread

  • -  Processed soups

  • -  Pasta

  • -  Most deli meats

  • -  Pre-cooked rice

  • -  French fries

  • -  Bottled sauces and salad dressings

  • -  Beer

  • -  Cereal bars

  • -  Cookies

  • - Cakes
  • - Salad Dressings


Sound like a lot?

Fear not, there are still loads of tasty, healthy foods you can eat –

  • -  All fruits and vegetables

  • -  Fresh meats

  • -  Fresh fish

  • -  Eggs

  • -  Nuts and seeds

  • -  Pulses

  • -  Vukoo bars

    Success Leaves Clues


Think gluten-free is still a fad? Take a look at the following successful men who all follow a gluten-

free diet:
  • -  Novak Djokovic

  • -  Ryan Gosling

  • -  Bill Clinton

  • -  Ray Allen

  • -  Kyle Korver

  • -  Russell Crowe

  • -  Ryan Phillipe

  • Cedric Benson

Bland and Boring?

Hell no!
Going gluten-free is far from boring.
Leaving aside the fact you’ll feel better, perform at a higher level, rid yourself of brain fog and maintain concentration and energy for longer, a gluten-free menu is far tastier than one loaded with stodgy carbohydrates and artificial ingredient-filled faux foods.

Base your meals around lean meats, oily fish, eggs, green and brightly colored vegetables and healthy fats like avocado, nuts and olive oil.

Need snack ideas?
That’s where Vukoo comes in.

All Vukoo bars are 100% gluten-free, made from all-natural ingredients, and have a huge 20 grams of protein to keep your muscles growing and your fat burning.

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"Going Gluten-Free: The "Fad" that isn't a Fad"; by Vukoo®


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