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"5 Ways to #OptOutside on Black Friday"

Vukoo OptOutside

At Vukoo, we love Thanksgiving.

We love the crisp Colorado air, the festive Thanksgiving day runs, and, of course, the delicious pumpkin pie. We anticipate spending time with loved ones, backyard football games, and leftover turkey sandwiches. We also look forward to the day after Thanksgiving—but not because of the shopping and sales.  

In recent years, a new trend has taken over the infamous Black Friday. Thanks to REI and the trending #OptOutside hashtag, many people are now choosing to spend Black Friday playing in the woods rather than hunting for bargains in the department stores—including us.  

Black Friday has quickly turned into #OptOutside, especially for Coloradans. Even better, #SmallBusinessSaturday has gained traction, which we’re all about. As a local business, we love (and rely on) consumers choosing to support local. It’s how we stay in business. 


So, to further our commitment to supporting the #OptOutside movement, here are 5 of our favorite ways to redefine Black Friday. 


1. Hit the Slopes.  

Is there any better way to fully embrace the winter than with a day at the slopes? Set the coffee timer, pile your favorite people in the car, and spend Friday playing in the fresh powder. The crowds and painful chairlift lines will be worth it. 


2. Take a Hike.

We love hiking because just about anyone can participate. Bring the whole family on a post-Thanksgiving adventure and take a walk in the mountains. Pack leftovers from the holiday feast and create a picnic in the woods. Don’t forget to dress warm and bring your camera.


3. Backyard Football. 

 Who cares if you already played on Thanksgiving? Spend the day eating leftover turkey sandwiches, watching bowl games, and tossing the ball during half time. #OptOutside doesn’t need to be extreme. If you plan to spend the day relaxing and watching football, opt for walking the dog between games or shooting hoops before dinner.


4. Community Services. 

 Looking to give back on Black Friday? Volunteer to rake your neighbor’s yard or offer to help clean out the gutters. Reach out to the older adults in your community and ask to accompany them on a walk or hang their Christmas lights. 


5. Find a Tree.

Many national parks invite the community to visit and chop down their own Christmas tree. Get a jumpstart on holiday decorating and host your own Clark Griswold tree hunting extravaganza. Just don’t forget your saw. 



How do you plan to #OptOutside this Black Friday? Share your ideas with us on Facebook and Instagram.

And if you don’t see an idea you like above, check out REI’s #OptOutside Planner to find outdoor adventures near you! 


Don’t forget about Vukoo on #SmallBusinessSaturday for your holiday gift shopping—our protein bars make the perfect stocking stuffer!

"5 Ways to #OptOutside on Black Friday"; by Vukoo®

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