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"5 Tips to Stay Healthy AND Enjoy Your Favorite Things This Holiday Season"

Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner, as well as a few days off from work to spend time with loved ones, eat too much food, and catch up on sleep. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a few much-needed lazy days or indulging in Grandma’s famous Christmas pie, but try not to steer too far from your healthy habits.  

With that being said, here are a few quick tips to stay healthy, while also indulging and having fun this holiday season! 

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1. For every alcoholic or sweet beverage you drink, have a glass of water. 

The holidays are notorious for drinks like gingerbread lattes and hot chocolate covered in whipped cream. And for the 21+ crowd, Christmas and New Year’s parties often mean a full bar. Too many of these drinks can throw your health off from all the sugar and dehydration though. If you’re drinking alcohol, alternate your drinks with a large glass of water. You can also stay on top of hydration by drinking 16 oz of water first thing each morning and with every meal. And for the surgery drinks, try to limit them. Enjoy one on Christmas morning and then switch back to more hydrating, nutritious beverages.


2. (Continuing off of tip #1) For every sweet you eat, have a vegetable or fruit. 

Like drinks, holiday foods don’t usually have your health or weight in mind. Most holiday foods are packed with sugar and lack nutrients. You don’t have to pass on all the goodness though. For every sweet you eat, feed your body a vegetable or fruit. And if you know you will be attending a party or having a holiday dinner, load up on real food for breakfast and lunch. 


3. Keep you Zzz’s in check

Family time, parties, movies, last-minute Christmas shopping—these all can get in the way of maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. It’s easy to stay up late when on vacation or hanging out with the ones we love, but try to limit your late nights to a few this holiday season. Stay up and out only for the most important parties or people in your life, and keep your sleep routine for the rest of the week. January mornings will thank you. 


4. We like to move it, move it

A warm fire, cozy blankets, family time—these are all reasons we love to lay around the house during the holidays. Try to mix it up by keeping your family and body active this season. Activities like outdoor ice skating, walks around the neighborhood, and snow sports are all ways to keep the blood flowing in between chill sessions. And you can tell Uncle Bob that, no, walking from the couch to the kitchen doesn’t count. 



5. Don’t forget about YOU 

Vacation—especially during the holidays—can sometimes be anything but restful. Remember to take care of YOU this holiday season, along with your to-do lists and the ones you love. Try attending a weekly yoga class or reading your favorite book by the fire each morning. Whatever you choose, be sure to incorporate soul care into this festive, but busy, holiday season. 


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"5 Tips to Stay Healthy AND Enjoy Your Favorite Things This Holiday Season"; by Vukoo®

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