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5 Wellness Tips For Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Weekend AND first week of September! We hope you're soaking up the last few moments of summer and celebrating with some of our favorite holiday weekend wellness tips:


1. Get Outside.The weather will quickly change; enjoy the warm days while you still can! Take your dog for a hike or invite your friends to play a game of volleyball in the park. It doesn’t have to be an extreme activity, just get outside and breathe in that fresh air before fall hits us full swing! It’s good for your body and soul.


2. Eat Great Food.Invite friends and family over for a final grill out this summer. Labor Day barbecues don’t have to be unhealthy. Grill up some of your favorite summer veggies or organic meats. Soon enough you will be dusting off the crock pot for chilis and soups—enjoy a summer evening with good company around the barbie one last time.


3. Slow Down.We often pack 3-day weekends full of activities. We have to take advantage of the extra day off work, right? Wrong. Spend some time resting this weekend. Read a book or sit on your porch. Take a nap or have a long conversation with someone you love. Spend time slowing down and enjoying rest. Balance is good for your health.


4. Give Back.If you plan to stay in town this weekend, consider spending a few hours our your time giving back to the community. You can pick up trash along trails and highways, or go through your pantry and donate unopened, nonperishable food items to the local food bank. And if you are having a large party or BBQ, consider planning ahead to drop off leftover food to a shelter, church, fire station, or police station.


5. Be A Part Of Community.If you are not participating in your city's local 5k, 10k, or half-marathon, you can still cheer on the runners with the rest of your town. Bring your lawn chair, a cup of coffee (and your Vukoo bar), and your spirit to celebrate the amazing runners in your city. You can still register if you want a last-minute activity for this weekend!


How will you take care of yourself and celebrate Labor Day Weekend? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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