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4 Easy Ways To Be More Active With A Partner

Sometimes we love working out alone. Other times, we love having a friend or our romantic partner by our side. Whether it be exercising in the gym or going for a long bike ride, fitness with another person can be an enjoyable way to strengthen our bodies and relationships. Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay active with our significant other:


1. Go For A Hike

Is there anything better than a weekend hike in the hills or mountains with your favorite person by your side? Hikes are great for your body, mind, and soul--but they can also benefit your relationship. Use the time to get to know one another better. Or, hike in silence and simply enjoy your partner's presence. Either way, it's great to get outside and stay active together.


2. Take A New Fitness Class

Curious about ballroom dancing? Interested in learning how to rock climb? Sign up for a class with your partner! It's always a little easier to try something new (and potentially scary) with a loved one by your side. Plus, it's a great way to make some new (and potentially hilarious) memories.


3. Try A Partner Workout

Consider trying a partner HIIT session if you'd prefer to head to your local gym for a workout. Take turns between exercises or use one another for encouragement and support. Better yet, spot your partner with some strength training and heavy weights. It beats having to ask a stranger in the gym!


4. Sign Up For A Marathon

Love to run? Train alongside your partner! Nothing beats setting a goal with your SO and then reaching a said goal together. Pick a race in the near future and then train alongside your partner for the next few months. It doesn't have to be a marathon, either. You can sign up for a 5k, a bike race, or even a fun event like the Tough Mudder.


How do you stay active with your partner? Let us know if you've tried it on Facebook and Instagram!

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