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5 Green Juice Recipes to Jumpstart St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Vukoo fam! It’s beautiful weather here in Colorado—which is not the norm for March, so we are all feeling extra lucky and celebratory this year!

To celebrate, we pulled out our absolute favorite green juice recipes to share. Aside from tasting like gold at the end of a rainbow, these green juices are packed with nutrients to benefit your body and overall health. They may not be the drink of the Irish, but they are a tasty way to celebrate the holiday and do something kind for your body.

Check them out! And if you try a green juice recipe, share it with the Vukoo community on Instagram or Facebook!



The Green Refresher

Recipe from Green Juice Recipe


1 Cucumber

5 Celery Stalks

1 Bunch of Swiss Chard

2 Fuji Apples

1 Lemon

Knob of Ginger

2in Turmeric


Cilantro Cucumber Juice

Recipe from The Healthy Apple



2 large English cucumbers

1 head of Romaine lettuce

Juice of 1 fresh lemon

1 cup fresh watercress

1 large bunch of fresh cilantro

1 celery stalk

1 inch slice of fresh ginger

Pinch of cayenne pepper

2 Tbsp. ground flax seeds, for serving


Green Juice

Recipe from Show Me The Yummy



1 small bunch curly kale roughly chopped  Coupons

1 lemon peeled and quartered

1 inch ginger peeled

1 cucumber cut into long strips

2 granny smith apples cored and sliced

4 celery stalks


Mellow Morning Green Juice

Recipe from The Blender Girl



2 oranges, peeled

1 English cucumber

1 cup (44g) firmly packed spinach

1 lemon, peeled

1/2 cup (20g) firmly packed mint, plus more to taste

Pinch of Celtic sea salt

1 cup (240ml) filtered water


Mango Ginger Pear Green Smoothie

Recipe from The Minimalist Baker


optional: 1 cup ice

2 cups (~ 60 g) kale, packed, fresh or frozen (organic when possible)

1 cup (165 g) ripe frozen mango cubes (organic when possible)

1 cup (150 g) ripe frozen peaches (organic when possible)

1 Tbsp (6 g) minced fresh ginger

1 1/2 - 2 lemons or limes, juiced (~1/4 cup or 60 ml)

1 1/2 - 2 cups (360 - 480 ml) filtered water

optional: 1 Tbsp (15 ml) maple syrup (depending on sweetness of fruit)

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