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4 Healthy Wraps For Weekend Lunches


It's  the weekend again! That means we're slowing down at home and in the kitchen, and whipping up some of our favorite meals. During weekdays, it's always go-go-go, so we love to take it easy and indulge a bit come Saturday and Sunday.

Below are a few of our favorite wraps for weekend lunches—perfect for packing on the trails or eating at your local park. But who knows? We may spend all weekend in the kitchen, perfecting our breakfast game and our wraps!


1. Vegan Wrap

Recipe by: Tastes Better From Scratch

For a plant-based lunch option that is packed (and we mean PACKED) with avocado goodness, try this vegan wrap with hummus, edamame, spinach, cucumber, and carrots. It's crunchy, nutritious, and perfect for a warm weekend lunch, especially if you're craving something fresh and light.

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2. California Turkey Club Wrap

Recipe by: Tastes Lovely

For something with a bit more protein, we love this turkey club wrap from Tastes Lovely. It includes all the classic club ingredients, wrapped tightly in a spinach wrap tortilla. If you love BLTs but want a meal that doesn't leave you feeling heavy from bread, this is it.

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3. Healthy Chicken Wrap with Mandarin Oranges

Recipe by: Erhardts Eat

A wrap with mandarin oranges? Yes please. This wrap is as unique as its fillings—you'll love it if you're a fan of apples, goat cheese, almonds, and honey dijon vinaigrette. We may just have this one for lunch on Saturday and Sunday!

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4. Easy Homemade Vegan Bean Burrito

Recipe by: Nutritiously

This one may not be called a 'wrap', but it certainly makes our list. For plant-based readers who also love burritos, Nutritiously has come up with something both delicious and, well, nutritious! It's balanced with protein, carbs, and healthy fats. All you need is rice, beans, sauce, and all your favorite fillings (we love lettuce, corn, and heaps of guac). Who needs a vacation when you can eat this instead?

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