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4 Health Hacks to Fight Sickness

Fall has arrived and flu season isn't far behind. Many of us are back at work and school after relaxing summer vacations and, while it's good to be getting some work done, coming in contact with numerous germs is inevitable. Help your body and fight off an oncoming cold/flu with these simple health hacks: 


1. Drink Water

If you feel a bug coming on, drink a few glasses of water. No, seriously. Water helps flush out toxins and hydrates your system. It's not a cure-all, but it will definitely help to stay hydrated while your immune system stands guard against nasty viruses. 


2. Eat Superfoods

Load up on superfoods this weekend if you're not feeling like your best self. We wrote a blog last year with our favorite fall superfoods to boost immunity; they include cranberries, pumpkins, and brussels sprouts. Learn more about the health benefits of these foods here


3. Skip Your Workout

Rest is essential to your body, and when you're sick, it's better to skip the gym than to exert yourself. Allow your body to rest and channel its strength to fight any oncoming bugs. Other gym members will also be happy you kept your germs at home. If you're really feeling the itch to move, try yoga at home.


4. Get Rest

Jumping off the last point, your body needs more sleep when it's fighting diseases. Make sure you're honoring your body's needs by getting at least eight hours of quality sleep at night. 


Do you have any health hacks for when you feel a bug coming on? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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