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How To Tone Your Legs (4 Exercises)

We are all about body positivity here at Vukoo—we believe in fitness and eating healthy because it makes us feel good, and because exercise and a wholesome diet have been proven to be better for our bodies.

Similarly, there is no shame in wanting to tone up your muscles. As long as you remember that your body is beautiful as it is, stepping up your leg workouts (no pun intended) can be equally challenging and rewarding. Here are a few of our favorite leg workouts for staying toned:


1. Squats & Lunges

We have to start with squats and lunges because, well, it's squats and lunges. Both have forever been the exercise of choice for strengthening and toning legs. Aim for completing three to five sets a few days a week. For an added challenge, hold weights or do your lunges with one foot balanced on a Bosu ball.


2. Box Jumps

For an exercise that will tone your legs and increase your heart rate, try some box jumps. You can do these with plyometric boxes or any stable (and safe) surface. If you've never tried a box jump before, start with a small step to get a feel for it. Increase the height only as you become comfortable. We like incorporating these into HIIT workouts. Check out our weekend playground workout for a serious leg burner.


3. Uphill Sprints

Looking to up your cardio game even more? Try doing some uphill sprints. It's as straightforward as it sounds—simply run up as fast as you can up a hill. If you don't have any hills near you, you could also go to your local football track and run some stairs. We promise either workout will leave your legs burning (in the best way possible). 


4. Spin Class

Looking to tone your legs inside? Try taking a spin class a few days a week. We even wrote about the benefits of cycling, just in case you need some reasons to try it out. Hint: It's great for toning your legs.


What are some of your favorite leg exercises you'll be doing this summer? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!



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