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3 Spooky Workouts for Halloween

Halloween looks a bit different this year. With less parties and fewer cities encouraging door-to-door trick-or-treating, we're opting instead to focus on our health. (Though we may sneak a few candies!)

These workouts are as spooky as they are fun, and you'll definitely need a towel, great beats, and a big bottle of water to help you survive. Do them in a costume for some extra fun! Then finish off the holiday with one of our favorite plant-based soups for fall


1. Spooky Stair Sprints

For this workout, find a flight of stairs - either in your apartment building, at a park, or even in your house. 

Sprint 5 flights of stairs 

10 lunges x each leg (use the bottom step for extra lift)

10 squats (jump-squats for an extra burn!)

10 single-leg calf raises on bottom stair x each leg 

Repeat for 5 spooky rounds! 


2. Killer Cardio


All you need for this workout is a big open space (and maybe a towel for all that sweat!) This workout is completed pyramid style.

25 burpees 

25 mountain climbers

25 push-ups

25 jump squats 

25 high knees

Repeat for 20, 15, 10, and 5! Try not to let it kill you! 


3. Haunted HIIT Session

For this workout, you need a jumprope, a kettle bell, and a wide open space. As this is a HIIT workout, you'll be going for time, and then resting in-between intervals. 


5-minute jumprope warm-up

HIIT Session:

60-seconds jumprope

30-seconds kettlebell swings

30-seconds jump squats

60-seconds burpees 

 Rest 1 minute, repeat for 5 rounds 



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