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3 Beverage Alternatives to Caffeine and Alcohol (That Aren't Water)


Have you ever had those days at your desk where your morning coffee seems to turn into afternoon coffee which then turns into a glass of wine (or two) as soon as you walk through your front door? We've all been there. We've all had the days where we forget to drink water or survive only on caffeine or have a few too many drinks after dinner. 

A healthy lifestyle isn't only about how we eat and sleep and workout; it's also about the beverages we consume. And no, it's not because of weight gain and calories. Instead, living a healthy lifestyle means also being aware and taking charge of the amount of caffeine and alcohol you allow into your body. 

It's also good to detox now and then--not only to give your body a break but also because caffeine and alcohol affect our mind. Like sugar or any other substance, we can too quickly become addicted. We can too easily find ourselves angry without coffee or reaching for another drink subconsciously. 

If you want to give yourself a week (or a few) off these kinds of beverages, it's essential to know about alternatives. Drinking only water can be extremely difficult, despite this being an excellent option for your health. Other drinks can aid your health too, while also curving that craving or need to have a non-H2O beverage in hand.



Caffeine-free teas like herbal teas and green teas are both excellent beverages. Teas also have a long list of antioxidants and health benefits. Check out our blog 10 Reasons to Drink Tea to learn more about how teas aid your health. 


Smoothies & Juices

Smoothies are also great if you want a drink that can serve as a meal replacement. We find smoothies and green juices are best in the morning when you might be missing your cup of coffee. Use organic and local produce when possible.



Kombucha is a more flavorful and fun drink that can replace alcohol (while the drink contains slight traces of alcohol because it is fermented, it's likes than 0.5%). It's also fantastic for your gut health and tastes delicious.


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