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2017 Reflection Guide

Last year, we created a 2016 reflection guide to help you celebrate the past year, as well as set resolutions for the year to come. And, as we say goodbye to yet another year, we want to continue this tradition of taking time and space to sit, reflect, journal about and give thanks for the past 12 months.

The 2017 Reflection Guide, like the 2016 guide, is meant to help you in writing down your past achievements, as well as your 2018 goals. We hope this guide will remind you to celebrate all of your accomplishments — no matter how great or small — while also setting even greater goals for the New Year.

Instructions: You will need a notebook or a few pages of paper, as well as a pen and a quiet space to complete these reflections.

2017 Reflection Guide


How did you take care of your body this year? Write down a list of 10 positive physical changes to your body or fitness habits you noticed in 2017, whether big or small. Try to focus on how you feel, rather than just how you look. Did you create better sleeping habits? Or maybe you concentrated on taking care of your skin by wearing more sunblock this year? Whether the achievements are in the gym, at home, or in day-to-day-life, write them down.

Once you’ve finished, reflect on and celebrate these goals — they are remarkable. And then, when you’re ready, begin to think about 10 new goals for 2018. Write these down as well.



Food is fuel; how did you practice better fuel habits in 2017? Begin by writing a list of 10 positive diet changes you practiced this year. These changes don’t have to be big to count. Something as simple as, “Being mindful of my sugar intake during the holidays” works. Then write down 10 ways you feel your diet habits can change in the New Year. And don’t forget to include hydration habits.

Spend some time looking at both lists and make notes of anything that stands up. If you need to, use a page to journal about your relationship with food, noticing if it is a healthy relationship or one that needs improvement.

Remember, food is fuel. Whole foods are good for us and provide the nutrients we need (no food shaming or unseasoned chicken and broccoli diets over here).

If you need some inspiration, check out one of our favorite blogs on whole foods here.


Mind & Soul.

For your third and final category, begin to reflect on how you cared for your mind and soul in 2017. Start a list of 10 steps you took or changes you noticed in your wellbeing this past year. Think about how you handled stressful situations or how often you invested in a screen-free rest day. Be detailed in this list; describe how these changes made you feel and how they improved the overall quality of your life.

Once you are done reflecting, pick one or two habits to focus on in 2018, such as screen-free Sundays or brief yoga meditations before bed during the week. Set an intention for the year to come and write a paragraph, addressed to yourself, about why it’s important to practice self-care this year. If you feel like you will need the extra encouragement, cut this note out and pin it somewhere where you will see it each day.

Remember to celebrate all of your hard work from 2017. Failures and shortcomings can often overshadow the positive changes we have made—don’t let that happen.

From all of us at the Vukoo team, we want to say thank you for being a part of our community. You are important, and we wouldn’t be here without you. Here’s to 2018!

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