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“An Argument for Perishable Protein: Are You Missing Out?”

Vukoo Protein Bars


What do you look for in a protein bar? I don’t know about you, but I want something that tastes good, is made with quality, real food ingredients and meets my nutritional needs. Vukoo is just that.

And while I don’t like to rely on protein bars, and tell my clients not to either, sometimes convenience trumps and it’s important to have them stashed for the times when real food is not an option. And so, I reco protein bars; but with a caveat — BE A PROTEIN BAR SNOB.

*Enter:Vukoo bar.  

A Vukoo gluten-free protein bar is far from the average protein bar. Consequently, you’re going to have look beyond the shelves where the average bars are stored.

WHY? Commercial bars (really, glorified candy bars - you may be better off eating the real thing) are laden with corn syrup and added sugars for flavor; smoothing agents and emulsifiers for texture, and to keep ingredients from separating; and preservatives to extend shelf life at room temperature. Hidden ingredients including fillers, sugar alcohols, starches, and other weird, non-food additives are not uncommon in the mass market protein bar. 

 Think about it: most protein bars can sit on the shelf for months, even years. #scaryMost are void in nutrition - not enough protein, too many carbs and/or way too high fats, plus the aforementioned sketchy (and lengthy) ingredient lists.  

Not Vukoo. Made with the best quality foods and a short list of premium ingredients you can see and pronounce, Vukoo bars are the epitome of palate-pleasing real food fuel. And I don’t know about you, but if something can sit on a shelf for years and still be edible by industry standards, I do not want it in my body.

Made fresh, these portable gluten-free food bars do not contain any preservatives, which makes them perishable. Rest assured this is a good thing, but it does mean that you’ll find NEGU, SIGBU, BIYU gracing the shelves of therefrigerated section. Or, you can order them here and have them shipped fresh right to your door. 

 Either way, you’ll want to keep them frozen, or at least refrigerated to maintain freshness and for maximum flavor protection. But, they defrost in no time. *Quick tip: Remove from the freezer and let sit at room temperature for a few minutes, or toss one in your lunch bag on your way out the door and it’ll be good to go by the time you're ready to eat it. I love mine with a piping hot cup of organic coffee or green tea! 

Made from all-natural ingredients with over 19 grams of protein and 10+ grams of fiber per bar, Vukoo uses only the highest grade whey, is 100% free of GMO's, artificial sweeteners, lactose and soy and contains no added sugars. 

 What does this mean for you? Vukoo bars can help balance energy, stave off hunger and cravings, build/maintain muscle and burn fat. Protein and fiber are blood sugar stabilizers, which satisfy more quickly and keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

A lot of mass market protein bars taste amazing because they are loaded with sugar (carbs). Not Vukoo. Soft, moist and subtly sweet, these hearty bars buy me a good 3-4 hours between meals and contain no more than 3 grams of sugar (hard to believe), which come from natural ingredients (local honey). This means no insulin spikes, which can lead to the infamous, no-fun sugar crash and unwanted fat storage. 

An amazing, guilt-free convenience option for on-the-go, when life gets busy or really anytime, Vukoo gluten-free protein bar has become a regular part of my weekly nutrition; in fact, my favorite real food protein bar. Chock full of premium protein, healthy fats and clean carbs; also void of any artificial aftertaste, the Vukoo team has undoubtedly createdthe best tasting protein bar on the market. Check my full product review here. 

Have your taste buds had the Vukoo experience? Let us know on the VukooFacebook page! I cannot wait to tryBIYU and am so stoked for the arrival of additional flavors (and Vukoo granola?!) in 2017. 


"An Argument for Perishable Protein: Are You Missing Out?"; by Vukoo®

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