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The Creator of Vukoo® Protein Bars

Christopher is the founder and genius behind the Vukoo® brand and its amazing products. He started Vukoo® after a long trial and error process of looking for the “right” protein bar to fuel his workouts and lifestyle, and coming up short on all accounts…

But this story is not so much about a fitness fanatic on a quest for an awesome protein bar (although he did end up making one of those in the process) and more about the man himself, and why Vukoo® means so much to him. Why it’s so much more than just another supplement company, and why Vukoo® branding is so unique.

You see, this story goes back to when Christopher was just 12 years old; like many kids, Christopher was bullied and picked on as a kid, and made to feel “less than” the rest of the kids in school. Aside from this, his childhood was relatively ordinary, and otherwise pretty good, he had a good home life and a few good friends.

One day, Christopher and a friend headed out on his bike, Christopher riding up front while his friend jumped on the back. Just as they were leaving the house, Christopher made a choice that would change his life forever - against the recommendation of his mother, he threw his helmet back into the house and went out without it.

The last thing Christopher remembers was the two boys speeding downhill on the bike, when he woke up there were people around him, someone took his name and address, and then he was out again.

It was at this moment Christopher had what most would call a “near death experience,” where he entered a dreamlike state. He clearly recalls this moment, where the angels spoke to him in soft voices, telling him that everything would be ok, and that he needed to go back.

Defying surgeons and doctors who examined him after the fall, to everyone's amazement Christopher came out without any serious injuries - no fractures to the skull, no internal bleeding, and no memory loss. Some would call it a miracle.

It was in these moment that the young Christopher realized he was here for a purpose greater than himself and, like most of us, it took him a long time to find the true meaning behind that.

Fast forward to today, and Christopher is a grown man with big dreams and aspirations of his own. His path, like many, has been a tumultuous one. He has struggled with self-doubt and the pressures of living up to traditional societal expectations, and for a long time this made him incredibly unhappy, as though he was living his life for someone else. 

Vukoo Colorado Protein Bars


At this low point in his life, Christopher began dreaming, and found himself seeking out happiness. He found it, and not because he sought it from outside himself, but because he had the courage to first look within.

It is this search for, and realization of his own potential, that was the birthplace for the Vukoo® brand. Vukoo® is a made-up word that Christopher imagined himself, it’s tribal-like sound and the image of the hand and heart are the core of what Vukoo® embodies - the idea that anyone who is struggling to overcome something need only look within, and begin to recognize their own potential, and then take action towards their goals.

This is not just Christopher’s story - this is everyone’s story. When we are dissatisfied with life, the answers to our happiness are found within. Belief in oneself is the greatest gift we will ever know, as it releases us from suffering, and allows us to truly achieve our greatest potential.

As Christopher himself says: “What keeps me going is the feeling that I am here to serve others, to help them realize their potential and live their dreams”.

Every day, this is what he aims to achieve through Vukoo®, it’s messaging, the people it serves beyond just its customers, and the foundation it’s built on. Serve others, and in doing so we realize the potential within ourselves, and others.


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