Vukoo's High-Protein, Gourmet Bars™

Vukoo® Gourmet Bars™ are not just any average protein bar. Our Gourmet Bars™ are perfectly assembled with the upmost exceptional nutrition our earth has available. Our customers say "Vukoo® makes the best tasting protein bars on the market!" It would be safe to say you're receiving quality "whole food nutrition", in the form of a portable decadent dessert!  Whatever life brings your way, grab a Vukoo® gluten-free Gourmet Bars™ bar and experience nutrition that "Sustains the Body, Engages the Mind and Ignites the Soul.™"


NOTE: Vukoo® Gourmet Bars™ protein bars are raw and "live" food which do not contain any preservatives and are therefore PERISHABLE. Keep refrigerated and keep frozen for optimal freshness! (Good to take on-the-go or leave out for 1-week @72 degrees Fahrenheit)

Every Vukoo® Gourmet Bars™ gluten-free protein bar has been lab tested and results are posted here.